Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Simple Menu Planning

I was searching for different types of menu planning ideas, and came across a very fun, very simple idea. Here it is:

Monday-Pasta (Meatball Monday)
Tuesday-Tacos (Taco Tuesday)
Wednesday- Anything you can find (Wacky Wednesday)
Thursday-Soup (Thirsty Thursday)
Friday-Pizza (Foccacia Friday)
Saturday-DIY Sandwiches (Sub Saturday)
Sunday-Fancy Dinner (Supper Sunday)

I've seen a million different types of meal plan ideas, which include themes (Mexican night, Meatless night, Salad, etc.), but this one seems the easiest for me to do right now. My husband and daughter would be fine with pasta every single night of the week, but my son loves his tacos, and I love variety.

Once I have this meal planning thing down for dinners, I'll move on to actually planning breakfast and lunch :)

Do you do themed menus?

This is a great menu planner printable.


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