Monday, October 3, 2011

One Step Up Challenge 5: Add Some Spice!

This challenge has no levels. It's pretty simple (assuming you have a spice cabinet).

Have you heard of the Super Spices? They are the spices that are highest in antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties. I first heard about them on Dr. Oz, and slowly started incorporating these spices into every meal I made.

Your challenge is to add at least one super spice into every meal that you make. Here are some examples:

1. Cinnamon-Add this to your morning oatmeal or cold cereal. Sprinkle it onto a baked apple as a snack. Add a dash to your morning coffee. If you don't like cinnamon floating around your coffee, sprinkle some cinnamon directly onto the coffee grounds before you turn your coffee pot on.

2. Oregano-Use in spaghetti sauce, add as a seasoning on chicken or beef, mix with butter and garlic for some Italian garlic bread.

3. Ginger-Add to a chicken salad for an Asian chicken salad. Add into curry sauce and mix with cooked chicken.

4. Dried red peppers-Sprinkle onto salad, soup or sandwiches. This also tastes great added to dips (spicy ranch, vegetable or spinach dip).

5. Rosemary-Bake on chicken or fish. Crush and add to butter, garlic and oregano mixture for tasty garlic bread.

6. Thyme-Mix with olive oil and use to marinade mushrooms prior to sauteing them. Sprinkle some on a sandwich for lunch.

7. Turmeric-Eat curry and you'll get the turmeric. This is also often found in mustard. Another idea, if you use whole wheat macaroni noodles for your Macaroni and Cheese and your kids want the "yellow" kind, add a little turmeric! I use this in my scrambled eggs, ground beef and chicken.

What unique idea do you have to incorporate the super spices into your meals?


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