Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One Step Up Food Challenge

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I would like to give my readers a food challenge. In some cases, you may be spending a little more on your groceries than usual. In other cases, your costs may go down.

Here's the idea: many people are turned off by healthy eating, either due to cost or taste. There are so many great substitutes to replace the foods that are not so great for you. Even if you only wish to incorporate them into your current . You will still benefit!

Here's a great example: Flour. Whole wheat flour doesn't cost a whole lot more than white flour, but it does give your food a different texture, and taste. If it's not your thing, try replacing 1/4 of the flour in your recipe with whole wheat flour. It's better than nothing! And if you're already using whole wheat flour, try a little organic flour. If you are using organic flour, try soaking it prior to using it!

This challenge isn't going to have a prize at the end, besides you possibly being just a little bit healthier. I'm going to be posting foods I have exchanged, as well as some more examples of what you can do.

I would like you to leave me your feedback, via Facebook or in the comments section of each post, letting me know what you have decided to substitute, and how it worked for you.

Are you up for it?


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  2. I am up for it! I am substituting bananas or sparkling water for eggs, oil, and butter! I actually just made a banana nut muffin recipe with peanut butter whip frosting that used that substitution! I posted it on my blog if you'd like to check it out! The recipe is here.


  3. I LOVE the idea. Just ONE thing idea. I am going to think about it and link back to you on what I decide when I post mine.


  4. @Carly Those muffins sound delicious! I'm going to Target to buy bananas today :0)And the mix. I haven't used banana as a substitution before, but can't wait to try it!