Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter egg recipe #4...

I'm still a day off with my "Easter Countdown" for recipes with your hard boiled eggs. I need one more egg recipe to get me caught up. I have a great one!
Are you ready for it? I know, you're sitting on the edge of your seat now. Okay, get a pen and paper to take some notes down..

White felt
Yellow felt
Fabric glue
Something round

Sounds amazing doesn't it? Here's the egg I made today:

I sewed this, but really you can just cut out the shape and use fabric glue to put it together. Mine is small enough that it can roll up and fit into a plastic Easter egg. This is going in my son's Easter basket.

There, just one more recipe today and I'm caught up!

Oh, just a reminder, this is not edible! And those are my son's cute little hands holding on to his play stove. He doesn't really like fried eggs, but he loves this one.


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